2024 Program with Abstracts

Workshop: New Horizons in MP: the evolution of mentorship - Campania A

le 6 juin 2024 from 16h00 CDT to 17h00 CDT

New Horizons in MP: the evolution of mentorship

Moderator: Ms. Patricia Baxter - Diagnostic Imaging Physicist, Island Health



Dr. Heather Young - Radiation Oncology Physics Resident, UHN

Dr. Nathan Orlando - Radiation Oncology Physics Resident, UHN

Dr. Chris Thomas - Radiation Oncology Physicist, Nova Scotia Health

Dr. Young Lee-Bartlett - Radiation Oncology Physicist, Elekta



People that provide guidance, motivation, emotional, and mental support to their peers and colleagues are Mentors. Leaders who guide their team with career exploration, setting achievable goals, developing networks of resources and contacts are MentorsMentorship is the guidance provided by a more experienced individual in a specific area to help a learner develop skills, potentially providing support for common challenges experienced. 

Mentorship comes in many forms and plays an essential role in the development of a medical physicist. This is accomplished by helping them navigate career goals, interpersonal relationships, and day-to-day stressors and challenges, as well as simply learning to be a medical physicist. Throughout a medical physicist's career, one might have a network of mentors within the medical physics field, but also outside the community. Mentors provide guidance and support, and one might also take on various mentoring roles, ranging from peer support and supervision to formalized mentorship throughout their career. 

In this session, we will highlight different types of mentorship that could help a mentee, such as informal mentorship, peer mentorship and structured mentorship programs. We will define the hallmarks of successful mentorship relationships and introduce the concept of mentorship maps. The panelists invited today will discuss their experiences with formal and informal mentorship. Participants will be able to ask questions of the panelists, towards the end of the session.