2024 Program with Abstracts

Keynote by Carri Glide-Hurst, PhD, DABR, FAAPM - Lombardy/Umbria Panel: Clinical Implementation of MR and CBCT-guided Adaptive Radiotherapy: Opportunities and Challenges

le 6 juin 2024 from 9h00 CDT to 10h30 CDT

Dr. Carri Glide-Hurst is a tenured Professor in the Department of Human Oncology and a member of the UW Carbone Cancer Center. As the Director of Radiation Oncology Physics and Bhudatt Paliwal Endowed Professor at the University of Wisconsin, she has a PhD from Wayne State University, focusing on breast density and its role in breast cancer risk through ultrasound tomography. Dr. Glide-Hurst has completed an NIH-funded postdoctoral appointment on lung cancer treatment techniques at William Beaumont Hospital and progressed from senior physicist to Director of Imaging and Translational Research at Henry Ford Health System. Awarded an NIH R01 grant in 2016 for developing MR-only treatment planning models, her expertise lies in MR simulation and MR-guided radiation therapy, leading national efforts in establishing guidelines for their clinical integration.As a nationally renowned board-certified medical physicist with over 12 years of clinical experience, Dr. Glide-Hurst is known for multi-disciplinary collaborations and building bridges between clinical, academic, and industry partners. Above all else, Dr. Glide-Hurst is most passionate about mentoring trainees as they begin their medical physics careers.

Panel Discussion: Clinical Implementation of MR and CBCT-guided Adaptive Radiotherapy:  Opportunities and Challenges
Panel Members:  Carri Glide-Hurst, Nathan Becker, Amanda Cherpak
Moderator:  Patricia Lindsay
Date/time:  Thursday June 6, 10-10:30