Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Become a Student Member of COMP:


  1. To network with fellow physics students.
  2. To meet future employers.
  3. To know more about what is happening in medical physics in Canada.
  4. Statistics show that students who join COMP have a better pass rate for the CCPM (Canadian College of Physicists in Medicine) exam.
  5. Your fees to the COMP Annual Scientific Meeting will be subsidized.
  6. To have access to student travel grants.
  7. To be eligible to participate in the prestigious Young Investigators Symposium competition.
  8. To participate in the COMP Student Council: the student voice within COMP.
  9. To learn more about what the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission is really doing.
  10. It’s free! The first year membership fees are waived for students. After the first year, the annual membership fee is only $30.00. Click here to complete your application today.