Membership Categories - 2022

Please note that all our memberships are for a calendar year (January to December), and not pro-rated.

Membership Type




Those who have graduated with a Master’s degree or Doctorate in medical physics, a physical science or engineering from an accredited University (in exceptional cases, other qualifications will be considered), and who also subscribe to the specific objectives of the COMP, and are practicing medical physicists or physics residents as determined by a review of their membership application by the Board.

Those who are Members or Fellows of the Canadian College of Physicists in Medicine.


Full – Reduced
(AAPM member and resident of the USA, CAP Member or ISMRM)

As above, and a full member of AAPM residing in the USA; or
full member of Canadian Association of Physicists Member (CAP); or
MRI physicist or engineer member of The International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM) (not CCPM)


Full - Resident or Post-doctoral Fellow

Individuals who are in a medical physics residency program or post-doctoral fellows in medical physics, must have supervisor or department head email to confirm status and/or duration of placement. Medical physics resident/post-docs are considered full members and can be eligible for a reduced membership fee. There is no further discount if also AAPM/CAP members.



Individuals with an interest in the objectives of COMP but who are not eligible for any other membership status. Associate Members can keep their membership as long as they do not become eligible for full membership.


Undergraduate/Graduate Student

Individuals who are in full time study in a field which would eventually qualify them for admission as Full Members of COMP and who in each year submit proof of their student status. First year's fees are waived.



Members retired with less than 10 years as a Full Member and have not reached the age of 55, who in the past were eligible for Full membership but by virtue of retirement no longer practice medical physics for remuneration nor are gainfully employed in another field.  For those who have more than 10 years of Full membership and over the age of 55, membership is complimentary.



Organizations interested in the field of medical physics


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Late Renewals

Please note:  The following late fees will be applied to dues paid after March 31st:

Membership Type Dues
Full $360
Full – Reduced (AAPM member and resident of the USA or CAP Member) $260
Full - Resident/Post-Doctoral Fellow $180
Associate $200