COMP Poster Awards


Les Prix des meilleures affiches sont remis chaque année à la Rencontre scientifique annuelle de l’Organisation canadienne des physiciens médicaux (OCPM). Les affiches sont jugées à la lumière de leur mérite scientifique et de la qualité de la communication. Le concours est ouvert à tous les membres et les membres étudiants de l’OCPM. Les affiches sont jugées par un comité de quatre à six membres, incluant au moins deux membres de chacune des surspécialités.

2023 Poster Award Winners

1st Place

2nd Place

Ronan Lefol

Validation of GPU-accelerated Monte Carlo simulations for patient-specific CT dose calculations

Robert Weersink

Ovoid Applicator Commissioning Using 2D Optical Scintillating Imaging


Past Poster Award Winners

2013 - 2022




1st Place

2nd Place


Tania Wood, Lesley Baldwin, Patricia Oliver

An open-source, customizable Winston-Lutz-style quality assurance system for multi-target, single isocentre, stereotactic radiosurgery

 Islam El Gamal

Absolute Dose Determination in Synchrotron Produced X-ray Beams: Commissioning of an Aluminum Calorimeter


Ray Yang

Visualization T ool to streamline and teach Radiation Vault Design

Kyle Malkoske

An Updated Algorithm to Estimate Medical Physics Staffing Levels for Radiation Oncology



Leo Sporn

Initial observations of position-dependent B0 distortions in a concurrent TMS/MRS phantom experiment


Bryan Muir

Methodology for linac electron beam absorbed dose ion chamber calibrations at National Research Council Canada


Yana Zlateva, Bryan Muir, Issam El Naqa, Jan Seuntjens

McGill University, Montreal, QC

Laying the groundwork for accurate Cherenkov
emission-based electron beam dosimetry

Robert Corns, Keith Henderson, Charles Schroeder, Gurpreet Sandhu, Ian McKay

East Carolina University, Greenville, NC

Workload estimates using paired detectors


Cheryl Duzenli

BC Cancer Agency - Vancouver

Recommendations for Dosimetric Commissioning of Proton Therapy for Iris Melanoma

Islam El Gamal

National Research Council Canada, Ottawa, ON

Experimental determination of the dose rate constant for an Ir-192 HDR source


Danielle Anderson (tie)

BCCA - Sindi Ahluwalia Hawkins Centre for the Southern Interior, Kelowna BC

Air kerma rate measurements using a cylindrical free-air ionization chamber on the 05B1-1 beamline at the Canadian Light Source

Todd Stevens (tie)

Saint John Regional Hospital, Saint John, NB

A parametrized prediction model of rectal toxicity in focal SBRT of low risk prostate cancer


Not Awarded by COMP


Elsayed Ali

Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre, Ottawa, ON

Rotational errors with on-board cone beam computed tomography

Greg Pierce

Tom Baker Cancer Centre, Calgary, AB

Unexpected Output Drops: Pitted Blackholes in Tungsten


Del Leary

Dalhousie University, Boutiliers Point, NS

Investigation of nested volume-of-interest cone-beam CT imaging with a low atomic number linear accelerator target

Martin Vallières

McGill University, Montreal, QC

Prediction of tumour outcomes using joint FDGPET/MR diagnostic imaging features