Autres Distinctions Notables Reçues Par Nos Membres

Autres Distinctions Notables Reçues Par Nos Membres 





AAPM Coolidge Gold Medal Jacob Van Dyk AAPM 2022
Order of Canada Mark Henkelman Canada 2020
Gold Medal David Jaffray ASTRO 2018
Peter Kirkby Award Jerry Battista CAP 2017
Meritorious Service Cross of Canada Ting-Yim Lee Canada 2017
Fellow-Academy of Science Terry Peters Canada
(Royal Society)
Order of Canada Ervin Podgorsak/Martin Yaffe Canada 2015
Formation of Medical Physics for World Benefit Jacob Van Dyk London 2015
William D. Coolidge Award Thomas R. Mackie AAPM 2014
Prix Lionel Boulet (Science) Roger Lecomte Quebec 2013
5 COMP members make World's Top 50 honorees
(John R. Cunningham, Aaron Fenster, Ervin Podgorsak, David W.O. Rogers, Jacob Van Dyk)
  IOMP 2013
Peter Kirkby Award David Chettle CAP 2013
Fellow-Academy of Science David W.O. Rogers Canada (Royal Society) 2013
Peter Kirkby Award Ervin Podgorsak CAP 2011
William D. Coolidge Award David W.O. Rogers AAPM 2010
William D. Coolidge Award Ervin Podgorsak AAPM 2006
Maria Sklodowska-Curie Award John R. Cunningham   2006
Order of Canada John R. Cunningham Canada 2005
Peter Kirkby Award John R. Cunningham CAP 2002
Canadian Medical Hall of Fame Harold E. Johns London 1998
IUPESM Award of Merit John R. Cunningham   1997
William D. Coolidge Award John R. Cunningham AAPM 1988
Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan Sylvia Fedoruk Saskatchewan 1988
President of the IOMP John R. Cunningham   1988
Order of Canada Harold E. Johns Canada 1977
William D. Coolidge Award Harold E. Johns AAPM 1976