COMP Imaging Lecture Series - Lecture 1: Reveal 35C - The Path to Market for the World's First Clinical, Portable Dual Energy X-ray Detector

Dual-energy (DE) radiography is a technique that can remove specific anatomical noise from a radiograph and generate tissue-subtracted images. Typically, a trio of images is presented comprised of a standard digital radiography (DR) image, a soft-tissue image where the bone tissue has been removed, and a bone image where the soft tissue is not present. Dual energy X-ray images have been demonstrated clinically over 20 years to provide significantly better detection of cardiothoracic diseases including pneumonia, pneumothorax, lung nodules, coronary calcium, and tuberculosis compared to traditional digital or analog X-ray but adoption has been slow. This is because current dual-energy technology uses two sequential, spectrally different X-ray exposures that cause motion artifact streaks in the image and also require a proprietary, premium X-ray system that uses a special fast switching X-ray source.  

In this talk, we will describe the ideation and development process of a next generation dual energy X-ray technology with particular focus on the commercialization steps of the world's first portable, single exposure, dual-energy X-ray detector called Reveal 35C. Reveal 35C obtains both standard X-ray and supplementary dual energy images simultaneously using a single X-ray exposure with best-in-class dose efficiency and zero motion artifact. Reveal 35C is cleared for use in the USA, Canada, Australia and parts of Asia and South America and is currently being used in three continents because it is backward compatible with existing X-ray systems (CR, DR, fixed, mobile). Reveal enables an instant improvement in clinical outcomes for the entire 500,000 global X-ray install base via a simple X-ray detector swap. Like color photographic film replaced black and white film, Reveal is initiating a global transition from black and white X-ray to dual energy or color X-ray to usher in a new era of higher accuracy, point-of-care X-ray diagnostics for better patient outcomes and more effective healthcare. 



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