Michael S. Patterson Publication Prize

Michael S. Patterson Publication Impact Prize

This prize was introduced in 2016 and is awarded for a scientific paper written by a COMP member that has had a tremendous impact on the field of medical physics. Peer-reviewed papers published in any scientific journal in the last ten years are considered and the work must have been performed mainly at a Canadian institution. Publication must represent a significant advance in medical physics. The winner is the eligible paper that has received the most citations in the Web of Science maintained by the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI), including citations from all databases.

2023 Michael S. Patterson Publication Impact Prize Winner

Jean Theberge

Past Winners


Dr. Andrew Goertzen, Qinan Bao, Mélanie Bergeron, Eric Blankemeyer, Stephan Blinder, Mario Cañadas, Arion F Chatziioannou, Katherine Dinelle, Esmat Elhami, Hans-Sonke Jans, Eduardo Lage, Roger Lecomte, Vesna Sossi, Suleman Surti, Yuan-Chuan Tai, Juan José Vaquero, Esther Vicente, Darin A Williams, Richard Laforest
"NEMA NU 4-2008 Comparison of Preclinical PET Imaging Systems"


Martin Vallieres, C.R. Freman, S.R. Skamene, I El Naqa
"A radiomics model from joint FDG-PET and MRI texture features for the prediction of lung metastases in soft-tissue sarcomas of the extremities


Carmen Popescu, IA Olivotto, Wayne Beckham, William Ansbacher, S Zabgorodni, R Shaffer, ES Wai, Karl Otto
"Volumetric modulated arc therapy improves dosimetry and reduces treatment time compared to conventional intensity-modulated radiotherapy for locoregional radiotherapy of left-sided breast cancer and internal mammary nodes"


 Gino Fallone, Brad Murray, Satyapal Rathee, Teo Stanescu, Stephen Stecie, Sandra Vidakovic, Emanuel Blosser, D Tymofichuk
"First MR images obtained during megavoltage photon irradiation from a prototype integrated linac-MR system"


David Jaffray, PhD, ABMP, FCOMP and Monique Van Prooijen, PhD, MCCPM Princess Margaret Cancer Centre
Co-authors: Devika Chithrani, Salomeh Jelveh, Farid Jalali, Christine Allen, Robert G. Bristow, Richard Peter Hill
"Gold nanoparticles as radiation sensitizers in cancer therapy"


Alex Vitkin, Co-Authors Adrian Mariampillai, Beau A Standish, Eduardo H Moriyama, Mamta Khurana, Nigel R Munce, Michael K.K. Leung, James Jiang, Alex Cable, Brian C. Wilson, Victor X. D. Yang
"Speckle variance detection of microvasculature using swept-source optical coherence tomography"


Karl Otto
"Volumetric modulated arc therapy: IMRT in a single gantry arc"