The COMP Gold Medal

The COMP Gold Medal

The Gold Medal is the highest award given by the Canadian Organization of Medical Physicists and is given to currently active or retired individuals to recognize an outstanding career as a medical physicist who has worked primarily in Canada. A significant contribution is defined as one or more of the following:

  • A body of work which has added to the knowledge base of medical physics in such a way as to fundamentally alter the practice of medical physics.
  • Leadership positions in medical physics organizations which have led to improvements in the status and public image of medical physicists in Canada
  • Significant influence on the professional development of the careers of medical physicists in Canada through educational activities or mentorship

The medal is awarded as appropriate candidates are selected and generally will not be given more than once per year.

To be considered for presentation at the 2024 ASM, nominations must be submitted by  April 30, 2024 and must be made by a Full Member of COMP. Nominations must include:

1. The nominator's letter summarizing the contributions of the candidate in one or more of the areas listed above;
2. The candidate's CV;
3. The candidate's publication list (excluding abstracts) which highlights the candidates most significant 10 papers;
4. Additional 1 to 2 page letters supporting the nomination from three or more members of COMP

Nominations for the COMP Gold Medal are accepted through our online portal

Candidates selected for the medal will be invited to attend the Annual Scientific Meeting where the award will be presented by the COMP President. Travel expenses will be paid for the medal winner. The medal winner may be asked to give a  scientific presentation at the meeting in addition to a short acceptance speech when the medal is presented.

2023 COMP Gold Medal Winner



The Canadian Organization of Medical Physicists (COMP) is pleased to announce that the recipient of the 2023 Gold Medal is Michael Evans, M.Sc, FCCPM, FCOMP.  

Michael Evans began his almost 40-year career in clinical medical physics in 1985, upon his graduation from the McGill Medical Physics MSc Program. He had previously worked as an x-ray technologist in Kingston, as a dosimetrist in Montreal, and as a uranium miner in Alberta, experiences that no doubt helped instill in Michael the respect for multi-disciplinarity and collegiality that he is known for. Michael quickly became a member of the CCPM in 1986 and a 

Fellow in 1989. His numerous contributions to Medical Physics education and mentoring began immediately with his entry into the profession, initially with the title of lecturer at McGill University and since 1998 as assistant professor. From 2003 to today, Michael has served as the Class II radiation safety officer (RSO) at the MUHC, receiving CNSC certification in 2010. 

Over the course of his career, Michael has added to the knowledge base of medical physics through 73 peer-reviewed journal articles, 66 book chapters and conference proceedings, 106 published abstracts, 32 invited talks, and 109 conference presentations. His published contributions are eclectic and cover the gamut of applied clinical medical physics research. 

As attested to by Ervin Podgorsak, who was Michael’s director for 25 years, Michael has distinguished himself as a compassionate and reliable clinical medical physicist and has given his time to serve the Medical Physics community at all levels within Canada – institutionally, provincially, and nationally. In 2013, Michael was recognized for his contributions with fellowship of the COMP. In June 2023, Michael will retire from his position as clinical physicist and RSO at the MUHC. His departure will mark the end of an era but his legacy of Medical Physics professionalism, leadership, and collaboration will endure in all of us who have been fortunate to call him a colleague or mentor. Other colleagues have been similarly impacted by Michael and his work: 

“To simply say that Michael has had a positive impact on my own professional trajectory would be an understatement. I hold him in the highest esteem both personally and professionally and I will be forever grateful to him for his help in launching my clinical and research careers.” – John Kildea  

“From the very start of my tenure, Michael always took the time to make me feel welcome and included. His mentorship, compassion, encouragement, and remarkable professionalism have had a profound impact on me, shaping the type of leader I strive to be. Over the years, I have come to deeply appreciate his unwavering support and guidance.” – Shirin Enger 

"Michael was a genuine supporter of his colleagues, both senior and junior, and acted as a spokesperson for those who were hesitant to speak up. He supported me in various endeavors, such as helping with graduate students, making practical setups for experiments and contributing to calibration papers or doing machine measurements. Michael's feedback on papers was always practical and insightful. Spending time with Michael doing measurements was particularly fulfilling, as it allowed for relaxed and enjoyable conversations on a range of topics, from science to politics to everyday life, creating a sense of camaraderie that was unforgettable." – Jan Seuntjens 

A ceremony recognizing Michael Evans, his achievements, and this honour, will be held on September 22, 2023 at the COMP-CARO Joint Scientific Meeting. 


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