The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission Inovation Grant

COMP has an agreement with the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) to fund one or more Innovation Grants to enhance the safe use of ionizing radiation in medicine.  

The intent of the program is to support the development of innovative tools that address radiation safety and security issues.  Examples include:

  • Software systems to facilitate quality control of safety systems
  • Tools to enable consistent and comprehensive equipment service logging
  • Tools to enable sharing of quality control and equipment data
  • Professional development/educational tools including the development of resources related to radiation safety training

2021 Innovation Grant Competition 

The current Innovation Grant competition has closed. 

 COMP is pleased to announce that Dr. Humza Nusrat from Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, has been awarded the 2021 Innovation Grant for the project Virtual Reality Simulator for Staff Training.  Support for Dr. Nusrat’s project has been made possible through COMP’s contribution agreement with the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission.

Download the 2021 application package.