COMP Imaging Lecture Series - Lecture 3: Fundamentals of DR with Dr. Bassem Elshahat – November 29th, 1-2pm EST

Digital radiography (DR) is considered a form of x-ray imaging. This method uses an X-ray detector which captures the radiographic images immediately following an x-ray exposure and digitally stored them. Those detectors can be fixed in the x-ray table or wall Bucky. Recently Wireless detectors were introduced to give more flexibility during patient positioning. The fundamentals of DR can be illustrated by:

  • The basic characteristics of different types of thin-film radiation detectors currently used
  • Image formation and digitizing the image
  • Recent research of New thin film detectors; Organic photovoltaic (OPV) devices and a new self-powered detector that operates based on high-energy secondary electrons (HEC)
  • Computed Radiography vs Digital Radiography
  • DR Exposure Indicators
  • Digital Radiography with wireless system; pros and cons
  • DR advantages and disadvantages
  • Challenges with DR image processing

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