COMP Imaging Lecture Series - Lecture 4: MR Spectroscopy with Dr. Atiyah Yahya – January 24th, 1-2pm EST

Proton (1H) Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (MRS) enables non-invasive quantification of metabolites in tissue.  The presentation will provide an overview of MRS including concepts such as chemical shift, J-coupling and MRS pulse sequences.  Challenges in metabolite quantification due to overlap of peaks will be discussed.  Examples of how spectral editing, where differences in J-coupling evolution of different proton spin systems can be exploited to resolve target spins of interest, will be presented.  The presentation describes how timings of a Point RESolved Spectroscopy (PRESS) MRS pulse sequence can be optimized for signal from metabolite protons of interest while suppressing that from contaminating spins.  Examples from research work conducted at 3 T and at 9.4 T will be provided.

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