Top 10 Reasons MRI Scientists Should Join COMP

Top 10 Reasons MRI Scientists Should Join COMP

The Canadian Organization of Medical Physicists (COMP) is the main professional body of medical physicists practicing in Canada and COMP is closely associated with the Canadian College of Physicists in Medicine (CCPM), which certifies clinical medical physicists in MRI. With MRI quickly moving into, and already present in, many radiation therapy clinics in Canada, the tie between therapy physics, COMP membership and the MRI community is poised to strengthen. ​

Here are the Top 10 reasons why MRI scientists should join COMP:​

  1. Connect with clinical MR physicists. Establish communication with other Canadian MR physicists dealing with clinical concerns such as site planning, acceptance testing, quality control and patient safety.​

  2. Have Impact. Join COMP and impact the Canadian medical physics community. Strengthen your clinical practice, present your research and advancements, and help shape ideas.​

  3. Expand Your Network. Broaden and enhance your professional network by interacting with other clinical physicists, researchers, and other health care professionals with diverse interests. There are over 800 COMP members across Canada and worldwide, most of whom have graduate degrees in science and/or engineering. COMP members are employed by hospitals, cancer centres, universities, and other sectors of industry and healthcare.​

  4. Professional Collaborations. Interdisciplinary collaboration can be a breeding ground for innovative ideas. The multi-disciplinary network in COMP provides you with the connections within medical facilities and the healthcare industry.​

  5. Shape Canadian Medical Physics. COMP membership allows you the opportunity to take a leadership role in our community and help define the future of medical physics in Canada. COMP has many committees you can join to help academic medical physicists and have a strong voice on the issues that matter most to you.​

  6. Training Opportunities. MRI Winter School is an Interdisciplinary event with continuing education credits for medical physicists and technologists and includes sessions on MR physics, safety, implantable devices, contrast, QA, and MR in Radiation Therapy​.

  7. Develop Guidelines. COMP assists Health Canada with updating Safety Code 26 and contributes to CPQR quality control guidelines. ​

  8. Contribute to Medical Imaging. CAMRT training requirements for MR in RT and appropriate imaging education.​

  9. Collaborate with COMP Partners. COMP collaborates with other organizations including CPQR, CAMRT, CARO, CAPCA to advance quality and safety initiatives of mutual interest.

  10. Reduced membership fees. First year free for ISMRM members.​