Top 10 Reasons Students Should Join COMP

Top 10 Reasons Students Should Join COMP

The Canadian Organization of Medical Physicists (COMP) is the main professional body for medical physicists practicing in Canada.  COMP’s mission is to promote and advance the Canadian medical physics community’s role in healthcare by supporting research, education, innovation, and excellence in professional practice.​

COMP has an extensive membership of over 800 people and organizations involved in the field of medical physics.  In addition to students at the graduate and undergraduate levels, this community includes postdoctoral fellows, clinical medical physicists, physics assistants and associates, scientists, and academics working across the country in universities, hospitals, cancer centres, government research facilities and private industry facilities.  Members have an educational and professional background in physics or engineering as it applies to medicine.​

The COMP Student Council (SC) facilitates student and trainee activities within COMP by organizing various professional development, academic, research dissemination and social initiatives. This includes events and initiatives organized throughout the year and culminating at the Annual Scientific Meeting.  Another priority of the COMP SC is to provide and promote networking opportunities for upcoming graduates and next-generation medical physicists.  COMP invites and encourages all undergraduate and graduate students in medical physics or related programs to become a member. ​

Here are the Top 10 reasons why students should join:​

  1. To meet like-minded students and trainees engaged in medical physics.​
  2. To build a network with medical physicists and other professionals.​
  3. To learn more about the scope and professional practice of medical physics in Canada.​
  4. To participate in COMP committees and contribute to advancing the scientific, educational, professional and equity, diversity, and inclusion interests of the Canadian medical physics community.​
  5. To advocate for students and trainees through the COMP Student Council – the student voice within and beyond COMP.​
  6. To subsidize registration fees to attend COMP educational sessions and programming such as the COMP Annual Scientific Meeting.  Participating in these events will open doors to valuable research dissemination and networking opportunities!​
  7. To be eligible to participate in the prestigious J.R. Cunningham Young Investigators Symposium competition.​
  8. To improve prospects of passing the Canadian College of Physicists in Medicine (CCPM) Board exam/ Statistics show that students who join COMP have a better pass rate!​
  9. To have access to student and trainee awards and grants, including the COMP Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility (IDEA) Student Travel Award.​
  10. It’s cheap! With an annual fee of only $40 and discounts of at least 50% on COMP programming for student members, you’ll see cost savings right away!​

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