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COMP’s mission is to champion medical physicists' efforts for patient care excellence through education, knowledge transfer, advocacy and partnerships.  The mission is accomplished in a variety of ways including the publication of scientific and technical information related to the field of medical physics.  In addition to developing its own publications through committees and taskforces, COMP also serves as an expert resource working in partnership with other organizations.

InterACTIONS is the professional newsletter and voice of COMP and CCPM. Published quarterly (January, April, July and October), InterACTIONS focuses on articles of interest and noteworthy items to the medical physics community in Canada. In addition, you will find articles from the CNSC, highlights from the Annual Scientific Meeting, Winter School and other updates from COMP and CCPM. If you have something to contribute please contact Editor Claudiu Cojocaru today!

InterACTIONS is available online to the general public.