Job Posting Information

Job Posting Information


Employment opportunities may be advertised through COMP in a variety of ways. Positions may be e-mailed immediately to all COMP members, posted on this website, and/or appear in the next quarterly issue of the professional newsletter of the COMP and CCPM, InterACTIONS. Please refer to the job advertisement options and fee schedule below for more details.  All postings will include social media channels (Twitter, Facebook).  If a closing date for a website job posting is not specified, it will be assigned a closing date of two months from the date of posting.

For further inquiries or to arrange advertising, contact:

Khadija Cutcher
300 March Road, Suite 202
Ottawa, ON K2K 2E2
The current job posting options and fee schedule are:

Option 1:  $400 - Job posting on website
Option 2:  $250 - Job posting in InterACTIONS! Quarterly newsletter (single page, colour) 
Option 3:  $600 - Job posting is emailed to COMP/CCPM members within 1-2 business days
Option 4:  $800 - Job posting on website AND emailed to COMP/CCPM members within 1-2 business days