Education Committee

The Education Committee promotes and supports medical physics education, training and professional development for COMP members

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Committee Members

Marija Popovic (Chair)
Heather Warkentin
Bassem Elshahat
Claire Park
Parisa Sadeghi
Eyesha Younus
Clara Fallone

Boyd McCurdy (ex officio)
Erika Brown (ex officio)

National Residency Program Directors Sub-Committee

The National Residency Program Directors Sub-Committee promotes and supports medical physics residency education programs and program directors with respect to the training and professional development of residents or residency program faculty.

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Chair: Heather Warkentin

Residents Sub-Committee

Cody Church (Co-Chair)
Swapanpreet Kaur (Co-Chair)
Tania Wood
Julien Megroureche
Priscilla Dreyer
Amanda Swan
Radim Barta
Nathan Murtha
Sarah Weppler

Student Council

The Student Council is a sub-committee of the COMP Education Committee. For more information visit the Student Council Page of the COMP website.

Claire Park, President
Aly Khalifa, Vice President
Steven Collins, Communications Officer
Morgan Maher, Secretary
Daniel Cecchi
Eva Lee
Omar Nusrat
Samuel Ouellet
Prarthana Pasricha
Yujing Zou