COMP Grant Writing Mentoring Program

The purpose of the COMP Grant Writing Mentoring Program is to help COMP members with their grant applications. All COMP members who would like to get help with grant applications can participate in this program.

Each mentee will be given the opportunity to work one-on-one with a mentor with appropriate expertise on grant applications. A mentorship agreement will be signed between the parties that sets out expectations with respect to matters such as time commitment, forms of communication, and confidentiality.

The mentorship program supports the submission of proposals to the following organizations (to be confirmed by mentors):

  • CIHR
  • Canadian Cancer Society
  • OICR
  • ORF
  • other

To apply for the mentorship program, please submit the following documents to

  1. Description of intended grant application proposal – 1 page maximum
    1. Title
    2. Grant agency applying to/anticipated submission date
    3. Project summary/abstract
  2. Your brief CV
  3. Name (s) of preferred mentors (a list of potential mentors is available here).

There is no deadline to submit the application. However, please apply no later than 4 months before the grant submission deadline. Acceptance to the program will be based on the availability of suitable mentors.

The mentees will be asked by the COMP Science Committee to complete a questionnaire during or after the completion of the program. Former mentees of this program are expected to be added to the mentor list once they are successful in their grant applications.

Click here to download the Grant Writing Mentorship Agreement