About ASM

The 70th COMP Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) is the premier meeting of the Canadian medical physics community. The ASM is a unique opportunity to foster collaborative relationships and to share and embrace new knowledge. Participants engage in leading edge continuing education and learn about the latest developments in scientific research.     

The theme for the 2024 meeting is New Horizons: Emerging Roles in Medical Physics. The 2024 COMP ASM will be an in-person event held at the Delta Hotel in Regina, Saskatchewan from June 5-8, 2024.

The COMP ASM will be attended by medical physics professionals from Canada and around the world including:  

  • Professional physicists, scientists and academics representing a broad spectrum of clinical, research and academic interests  
  • Leaders and decision-makers in the medical physics community  
  • Young professionals and graduate students in the field of medical physics

Inclusion at the Meeting

COMP and the Annual Scientific Meeting Planning Committee are committed to recognizing and celebrating diversity among the COMP community.

Following the Recommendations to the COMP Board of Directors from the CWC-IDEA Sub-Committee based on the 2021 EDI Climate Survey Results, our Mission and Vision and a collective commitment to inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility (IDEA) within the medical physics community, the ASM Planning Committee is prioritizing IDEA principles in our planning and hopes to cultivate an environment where everyone feels valued, respected and empowered to contribute.

The Planning Committee is actively striving to create a diverse and inclusive meeting that incorporates IDEA best practices into the program, and mitigates barriers to attendance. Some ways we are doing this include:

  • Incorporating diverse representation and voices in session moderation
  • Introducing unconscious bias training for judges
  • Providing a dedicated, private space for those who need to decompress or nurse their infants

We acknowledge that a more diverse community improves our understanding of challenges faced by underrepresented and equity-denied individuals and groups and encourages a more inclusive event.  We strive to address those challenges together.