COMP Awards


Recent Recipients

Due Dates for 2021 Submissions

The COMP Gold Medal

Terry Peters

April 30, 2021

Fellow of COMP (FCOMP) Award

Marco Carlone
William Parker

April 30, 2021

Sylvia Fedoruk Prize

Patricia Oliver
Rowan Thomson

April 30, 2021

Michael S. Patterson Publication Impact Prize

Carmen Popescu
IA Olivotto
Wayne Beckham
William Ansbacher
S Zavgorodni
R Shaffer
ES Wai
Karl Otto


COMP Jerry Battista Award

Malgorzata D'Souza

May 24, 2021

CAP-COMP Peter Kirkby Memorial Medal

Jerry Battista

The next medal will be awarded in 2021. Deadline for applications is 15 April 2021.

J.R. Cunningham Young Investigators Awards

Julien Mégrourèche - 1st Place
Nolan Esplen - 2nd Place
Kyle Bromma - 3rd Place

24 March, 2021

COMP Oral Presentation Awards

Byron Wilson - 1st Place (tie)
Malcolm McEwen - 1st Place (tie)

24 March, 2021

COMP Poster Awards

Leo Sporn - 1st Place
Bryan Muir - 2nd Place

24 March, 2021

IDMP Award

Recipient List


Science Spoken Succinctly 

Sarah Weppler - 1st Place
Alexandra Guebert - 2nd Place
Allison Toltz - 3rd Place


Other Notable Member Achievements