COMP Awards


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Due Dates for 2023 Submissions

The COMP Gold Medal

Joanna Cygler

Deadline for 2023 TBD

Fellow of COMP (FCOMP) Award

Cheryl Duzenli
Piotr Slomka
Crystal Angers
Atiyah Yahya

Deadline for 2023 TBD

Sylvia Fedoruk Prize

Claire Keun Sun Park, Jeffrey Scott Bax, Lori Gardi, Eric Knull, and Aaron Fenster

Deadline for 2023 TBD

Michael S. Patterson Publication Impact Prize

Dr. Andrew Goertzen, Qinan Bao, Mélanie Bergeron, Eric Blankemeyer, Stephan Blinder, Mario Cañadas, Arion F Chatziioannou, Katherine Dinelle, Esmat Elhami, Hans-Sonke Jans, Eduardo Lage, Roger Lecomte, Vesna Sossi, Suleman Surti, Yuan-Chuan Tai, Juan José Vaquero, Esther Vicente, Darin A Williams, Richard Laforest


COMP Jerry Battista Award

Kim Lawyer

Deadline for 2023 TBD

CAP-COMP Peter Kirkby Memorial Medal

Jerry Battista


J.R. Cunningham Young Investigators Awards

Meghan Koo - 1st Place
Veng Jean Heng - 2nd Place
Neil Johnson - 3rd Place

2023 Abstract Deadline TBD

COMP Oral Presentation Awards

Alasdair Syme - 1st Place
Claire Park - 2nd Place (tie)
Ishaan Kohli - 2nd Place (tie)

2023 Abstract Deadline TBD

COMP Poster Awards

Tania Wood - 1st Place
Islam El Gamal - 2nd Place 

2023 Abstract Deadline TBD

IDMP Award

Recipient List


Science Spoken Succinctly 

Sarah Weppler - 1st Place
Alexandra Guebert - 2nd Place
Allison Toltz - 3rd Place

 This competition is not being held in 2022.

COMP IDEA Student Travel Awards

Fateen Basharat, PhD Candidate in Medical Physics, Toronto Metropolitan University
Jaryd Christie, PhD Candidate in Medical Biophysics, Western University


Other Notable Member Achievements